Team Einherjar Updates with FictionSphere Alpha Demo

We haven't heard much from Team Einjerjar about their upcoming game, FictionSphere, since the announcement made a little over a year ago -- well, save for some new art assets that have been shared via TMMN's Rock Tumblr, that is.

But now, there is an update -- and a pretty substantial one, indeed. First, a new trailer:

And as you can probably guess from the title of said trailer, there's a new demo for the game that you can try out for yourself right now! But if you'd like a primer on the game's mechanics before diving right in, you'll want to view the following video first:

According to Team Einjerjar, the demo contains a full tutorial, Trails Mode, a training room, three areas from the main game, "Various Skills that will aid you on your journey!", and various mechanics that were showcased in previous updates.

You can download the demo for yourself and learn more about the game at the FictionSphere pages on or Game Jolt. Then you can leave your feedback on either page, or on their Twitter, Facebook page, or Discord community. (You're also free to discuss it in the comments below -- I don't mind.)