Update on ROCKMANLAB Mega Man ZX Prequel Fan Game

Back in October, word came in about some projects being worked on by a group called "ROCKMANLAB," that being a pair of fan games based on the two Inti Creates-originating series, Mega Man Zero and Mega Man ZX.

Word was that an English translation for the Mega Man ZX prequel was on the way soon, and it turns out that it was a lot sooner than imagined -- it came out only weeks after the post was made! You can see how that looks in the following video from the Sou Sou YouTube channel:

It's a little rough in some areas, including making the text fit the boxes, but not too shabby considering it's being translated from Chinese. Download links and more can be found in the video's description here.

Something else they've been working on is a hack of Mega Man ZX called "Mega Man ZX Modification Project." Here's a look at D-Area has changed:

Plus, a familiar epic encounter:

More information on checking out and developing this hack can be found in the video's description.

Thanks to Nett for the tip!