The Fully Charged Podcast is Coming at You, Jam-Packed with Holiday Spirit!

We’re back one last time before the New Year, and I told you we had something special planned!

Rather than taking a look at an episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged (which we’re currently all caught up on), we decided to partake in something a little more festive for the holidays — several holidays, courtesy of the third episode of Mega Man: Upon a Star, “Future Beware.” Joining Protodude and I is our ever-present editor, ShadowRockZX, as we look back upon this 25-year old animated feature that ends in just such a way that we literally had no other (fitting) choice but to view it at this time of year!

In addition, we’ve got a hefty news roundup as well! We discuss everything from Mega Man: Fully Charged returning to the Cartoon Network schedule to Collider’s choice of it as one of their best new animated series for kids in 2018, to the upcoming toy line! We also take a few moments to talk about Mega Man Legacy Collection reaching its one million sold milestone, and that new piece of Mega Man X art that’s been going around and what it could mean.

So (with all respect to Adam the Woo), join us, shall you?

As of this writing, you can listen to the podcast in the embed above or go directly to SoundCloud, but iTunes and Google Play don’t have them in their feeds yet, though they should soon. As always, the hosting fee is ours, but the choice is yours!