The Fully Charged Podcast Reaches the Turning Point of Mega Man: Fully Charged

Continuing our recaps and discussions of the last few episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged prior to its Cartoon Network hiatus, here are two more episodes of The Fully Charged Podcast to help you get through this rainy (well, where I am, anyway) Saturday. And oh my, have we got a whopper of an episode to talk about! But first…

That isn’t to diminish our first episode of the day, Episode 17: “Bored to Be Wild,” which we both found enjoyable, but not anything too out of the ordinary for the show, either. In addition, Protodude and I talk about his first-ever ScrewAttack Death Battle experience, with the Sigma/Ultron battle being his introduction to the series.

Now we come to our main event: Episode 18, “Enter the Wood Man.” Guys, I just love this episode, and… I’m going to let you just listen to find out why, because why repeat myself? If you haven’t been watching the cartoon for whatever reason, though, this is the one to watch.

Oh, and Protodude surprises me with an interview he got to conduct with the developers of Mega Man 11, too!

If listening to the podcast in the embeds above isn’t your thing (no worries, I totally get it), you can also get them off SoundCloud directly, or check in with iTunes and Google Play to get the episodes (if they’re not there when you read this, check back — they should be there before long). The hosting fee is ours, but the choice is yours!

Finally, remember to come back tomorrow for our last two episodes (at the moment), covering the two-part “Lightfall.” We’ve got an important question for you at the end of Episode 20, so please don’t miss it!