The Fully Charged Podcast Continues to Close the Gap!

Week by week, bit by bit, Protodude and I are closing the gap between the aired episodes of Mega Man: Fully Charged and recorded episodes of The Fully Charged Podcast! And once we reach Episode 20? Well, that’s when things get interesting — but that will be then, and this is now.

Here and now, we’ve got another batch of three episodes for you to enjoy, starting with Episode 11, titled “Unfriendly Competition.” Air Man makes his long-winded debut at a most appropriate time: A school election, where there are already plenty of people like him (full of hot air). In addition to trying to solve the riddle of Hollywood’s depiction of schoolyard politics, we also talk a bit about the Blue Bomber’s ever-growing presence in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:

Next up, Episode 12 covers “Opposites Attract,” where we see the forces of fire and water trying to work together. Meanwhile, Dr, Light rocks — literally. We also talk a little about Sigma’s then-upcoming appearance on ScrewAttack’s Death Battle:

Finally (for the moment; more are on the way), Episode 13 looks at “I.C.E. - In Case of Emergency,” wherein Mega Man finds himself with a new rival in the hero biz, an idea which leaves him cold. Plus, PD and I also talk about Funko’s newest additions to the ever-growing list of Mega Man merchandise:

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