Mega Man: Uncharged?

First things first: Things have been slow on TMMN lately, mainly due to my fighting off a cold while also fighting off deadlines. I’ve got a bunch of stuff sitting on my Inbox that I’m eager to post about, but this one in particular felt like it couldn’t wait.

That said, if you were planning to wake up early Sunday morning to see Mega Man: Fully Charged on Cartoon Network, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that you can sleep in!

Which of course means that the bad news is that the cartoon will not be shown in its regular time slot of 6:30am EST. That’s according to the Tumblr Cartoon Network schedule archive, which matches what TV Passport is showing as well.

Whether this has anything to do with the show’s performance is anyone’s guess, given that new episodes have been appearing on the Cartoon Network App a couple of days (or more, depending) prior to airing, to say nothing of various on-demand options available through cable outlets across the United States.

That being said, according to tipster Murkman, it’s reportedly been moved to Boomerang now, though I’ve yet to find any listing to corroborate this (though a post on Cartoon Amino by Unseen Phantom says this already happened… back in August, which Wikipedia concurs with, citing Zap2It). If Boomerang is indeed Mega Man: Fully Charged’s new home, this could mirror what happened with Sonic Boom.

Of further note is that last weekend saw the airing of the two-part episode “Lightfall,” whose status as a two-parter and description make it sound like perfect mid-season finale material. So far, no new episodes have been announced. Perhaps when there are new episodes to air, it will regain a timeslot on CN proper, but that remains to be seen.