ShadowRockZX Looks at Everything We Know About Mega Man 11 (So Far)

This one is admittedly late, having arrived in my Inbox while I was busy fighting off the Roboenza last month. You should have seen it: I was riding Nitro Man into battle, swinging Sword Man over my head like some sort of 20XX -era Knight Man --

Er, but I digress. ShadowRockZX compiled this video detailing pretty much everything we know about the somewhat-recently announced Mega Man 11 to date -- which admittedly isn't much, but it's worth at 26 or so items on a list. And given how scattered a lot of that info was, it may prove beneficial to have it all in one place:

Incidentally, there actually is some stuff here that even I didn't know -- due in no small part to my not having gotten my hands on the Game Informer cover story (is that still available? I need to find out). In particular, something I'd not seen was the stuff surrounding the forest stage with the tents/tipis scattered about.

So if you've got the time, be sure to give it a look -- maybe you'll discover something you'd previously missed!