Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Pre-Order Costumes in Action

Earlier this year, Capcom pulled back a lot of the curtain on their plans for the upcoming Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, including their pre-order bonuses which include a variety of alternate costumes. Among those featured was the fan-favorite look for X from his inaugural role playing game outing, Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Today, however -- unless I'm mistaken -- we get to see X's Command Mission armor in action during the game for the first time by way of the following trailer:

Unfortunately, sharp-eyed fans are going to notice that a key feature is missing: The armor's trademark "stealth" energy scarf that trailed behind X wherever he went throughout his adventure in Giga City. With the game arriving in just ten days, it doesn't look as likely that this will get a fix in the interim as did Chun Li's face.

Edit: As Jexulus points out in the comments below, despite all the movement that's going on, none of it really shows X moving around under his own power. Despite the scarf appearing in poses for the game's art in a more static position, it is true that it would only appear in Mega Man X: Command Mission when X was moving, so that may simply be the case here.

Another point of note is that we don't see X power up in this video. Normally, doing so would activate the armor upgrades from the original Mega Man X game, but wouldn't it be more fitting if this skin instead summoned X's Hyper Mode, X Fire? We'll just have to wait and see if Capcom remembered that aspect, at least.

On a related note, a tip from TanganRonpa on Twitter shows off an image of the game's stage select, with an as-yet unrevealed stage shown in the lower-left:

The belief is that the image shows Dr. Light's hologram, which we learned previously would be in the game, albeit in a different location than the Avengers Tower Briefing Room that is currently highlighted. That leaves the question of where such a stage could take place.