iretrogamer Looks at the NES Mega Man Sequels of the Super NES Era

The early 90's were kind of an odd time to be a fan of Mega Man games. As the world was moving on to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System from its 8-bit predecessor (at least, when they weren't being Welcomed to the Next Level by SEGA), Capcom held firm by continuing to release new NES titles up to the end of the platform's life span.

Not that they hadn't dipped their toe into 16-bit waters, of course. But while Street Fighter II, Final Fight, and even Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts were repping the company there, they continued to release games in the Mega Man Classic series for Nintendo's aging platform, leaving fans to wonder "where is our 'Super Mega Man'?"

Mega Man 4 was released early enough into the Super NES's lifespan that no one really bat an eyelash at it being on the 8-bit console, but Mega Man 5 and Mega Man 6 weren't quite so lucky. As such, Tyler of iretrogamer (with Miketendo and Michael B the Game Genie) look back at the two entries in the series they overlooked at the time when newer and shinier hardware proved too tempting to resist.

Their situation has me curious: I never cut myself off from the NES after the Super NES was released, and loved Mega Man enough that I was happy to rent the new games as they came out. But did any of you miss out on either title here because you were too distracted by the glory of 16-bit gaming? And if you did come back to them later, were there any parts in particular you regret passing over for so long?

(Europe, you're exempt as far as Mega Man 6 goes.)