Having a Mega Ball in Mega Man 8

Mega Man 8 stands as one of the more unique, and thus controversial entries in the Mega Man Classic series. One facet of the title which divides many fans is the usefulness -- or, according to some, lack thereof -- of one of Mega Man's primary tools/weapons, the Mega Ball.

But, like so many other odd tools in video gaming, the Mega Ball can be quite a game-breaking tool in the right hands. And with the recent re-release of the game as a part of Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, now seems like a good time to bring out this vintage video from OKeijiDragon to show you the true potential of the Mega Ball:

Personally speaking, I've tried to pull off this move -- even just one bounce -- but I can never seem to pull the timing off quite right, except maybe by accident. I knew it was a useful tool in the right hands, but I never imagined just how overpowered it could be in such circumstances.

How about you? Have you mastered use of the Blue Bomber's cybernetic soccer sphere? Or are you like me, generally just using it as the new Rush Coil when needed?