Was Capcom Planning a Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 Release for Nintendo 3DS?

If there is one particular grievance a number of Mega Man fans have had with Capcom's recently released Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, it's one of omission. That is to say, its complete absence from the Nintendo 3DS following the release of the first Mega Man Legacy Collection on the platform, and mirroring their peculiar decision to leave The Disney Afternoon Collection unreleased on the portable as well.

Interestingly, it turns out that may not have always been the case. Or, alternatively, perhaps there are plans to bring it there at a later time.

GreigaMaster on Twitter recently posted a rare tweet with the image seen at right linked, noting that "Some strings in megaman legacy collection 2 seem to imply there's a 3ds version with some kind of multiplayer?"

Odds are the multiplayer aspect is answered simply enough by the presence of the versus mode found in Mega Man 7.

As for the Nintendo 3DS aspect, prying further into the PC release of the game (under "disc/message/rcc2_message_all_US/msg_System.bin", if you're keen to look yourself) has turned up strings of text (found here and here) which, while not referencing the handheld console directly, do make references to "SD cards" as well as "memory blocks," both aspects of the external storage used in the device.

Protodude adds that there are four directory files found, one each for Steam, "Xbox1", "PS4", and "3DS".

Unfortunately, all we have is this evidence before us. Again, we don't know if this is a mark of future intent or remnants of a cancelled portion of the project. Still, for the optimists, perhaps this is reason to remain hopeful for the future. After all, the Nintendo 3DS version of the original Mega Man Legacy Collection didn't hit until the following year after its console release.

Thanks for sending this my way, Murkman!

Source: GreigaMaster, via Protodude's Rockman Corner, Nintendo Everything