August 16th is the Age of 20XX

It's been more than two years since Batterystaple Games pulled back the curtain on the Steam Early Access version of their Mega Man-esque roguelike title, 20XX. Since then, it's seen sales and even some critical acclaim from Mike Williams of USgamer (among a number of others), but now the time has finally come for it to step out of the shadows of Early Access and emerge as a full-release game.

Version 1.0 will drop on Wednesday, August 16th, and you can download it to your Steam account here, assuming you haven't bought in already while it was in Early Access.

In addition to bringing roguelike elements to a Mega Man-styled game, 20XX also introduces another big feature largely absent from the franchise which inspired it by including cooperative play between two players. Better still, co-op is available both locally and online!

Personally speaking, I'm eager to check out the game myself -- once I manage to get my controllers working with my PC, that is. The controllers I have are Bluetooth compatible, but my computer, sadly, is not.