Power Up with E-Tank-Shaped Mega Mints

Have you ever found yourself staring down a Robot Master while you're both low on energy, and wondered if you've got bad breath?

Well worry no more, because Boston America has just the answer to your quandary!

"As you can see, he's jumping for joy!"

"As you can see, he's jumping for joy!"

From the makers of pretty much every video game and pop culture-themed candy tin you've seen in various shops comes Mega Man Mega Mints! Inside the hip-friendly container is 1.23 ounces of peppermints carefully crafted to resemble the iconic power-up item of the Classic series! They may not do much to restore your life energy, so while Wily's forces might be willing to call your bluff, at least they won't call your breath bad!

You might want to hunt around if you're interested in these, as while they're readily available on Amazon.com, their price is $7.53 USD, but Previews World says they're supposed to retail for a much more sensible $2.99 -- though according to them, they won't be available in comic shops until September 27th, 2017.

Thanks to Dr. Wily for the tip!

Image courtesy of issuu.