TMMN Toy Box: Sentinel Star Force, Pint Size Heroes, and More

A bit of toy news for you here today, and it's all conveniently gathered here for you in one spot!

Following the reveal of a 4Inch-Nel version of the legendary Digger MegaMan Volnutt, Sentinel has announced another addition to the line based on the duo of Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis, better known collectively as their combined alter-ego, MegaMan!

Coming in August, this 10cm figure will include an interchangeable face, interchangeable hands, and of course, an articulated Omega-Xis powered Mega Buster with an effect part. He also features a display stand for posing, and plenty of articulation with which to make good use of that stand!

BigBadToyStore has pre-orders open, and you can get one for $44.99. And with Star Force now in the mix, the only Mega Men left are those from the Mega Man ZX series (and maybe Zero from Mega Man Zero, if you count him). But even so, it looks like fans will be able to recreate the original Blue Bomber's Final Smash before the year is out.

Thanks to Vhyper1985 and Dr. Wily for the tips!

Next up, Funko has revealed a new series of "Pint Size Heroes" figures based on the various Mega Man series:

No price or precise release date has been given (just June), but as you can see, the figures are blind-bagged and focus heavily on Mega Man Classic, though X and Sigma are also representing. That said, GameStop will have exclusive characters such as Bass, Zero, and Servbot, which means at the very least that Mega Man Legends should hopefully be a part of the mix as well.

Thanks to Ability King KK for the tip!

Some quick updates on previous items, as Protodude has reminded everyone that the Bandai 66 Action figures are slated to ship next week, and to celebrate, he's giving away a box of ten figures. If you're interested in participating, May 2nd is the deadline (and if you win, feel free to give me one the next day for my birthday).

For those wondering about Amakuni's statue of X holding a dying Zero, that's going out in June.

If you'd like a Zero figure to go with your NXEDGE Mega Man X figure, then you might be in luck, as My Figure Collection has apparently spilled the beans ahead of Bandai's schedule.

Finally, PilotTails has put together the following stop-motion animated video with Figuarts Mega Man X figures (and some Bakugan for good measure):

Man, I need more of these figures. And the space to do them justice, but all the same.

Thanks to MegaTuga for passing this along!