Mega Man X: Corrupted Shows Off New Boss and Armor Combos

While "Mega Man 2.5D" has finally been released, another fan game that's been trucking along for the last few years has been "Mega Man X: Corrupted," which has recently updated with a couple of new clips to show off some new foes 'n features of the fan game.

First up, there's the battle with the boss known only as "Hoatzin," which has something of a more lethal Storm Eagle sort of vibe about it:

Next up is a feature that's a bit of a throwback to Mega Man X8, as "Corrupted" allows you to mix and match pieces. If I remember correctly, the difference here is that different combinations can result in different abilities being unlocked. Have a look:

Incidentally, you might notice that while the art style remains the same, X's pixel art is now different from the familiar Super Nintendo Entertainment System set we're used to. Kapcer of JKB Productions had this to say about the change:

Our decision to change the sprite is to give X a more mature and distinct look that is original to Corrupted. This was something we planned for awhile, but finally were able to bring it to fruition. The sprite is a hybrid between Snes era and Psx era, but the overall aim is to still capture the nostalgia look of the 16bit era.

The addition of the new sprite do not alter the physics or hitbox at all. The only change is the height of the shooting. In Corrupted not only do we have the regular standing shot, but also the crouching shot. With this change in the shooting height, we are also to have more variation in tactics used to destroy mavericks.

Overall progress is going great, the team puts a lot of long nights in order to make the best game possible for all fans to enjoy. We thank you for your continued support!

and Yes, Zero is receiving a re-sprite too.

You can find the original post on the JKB Productions Facebook page here, along with a small picture which shows comparisons between X's original pixel art and the new versions for both his normal form and his upgraded form from the first game, plus a few enemies.