Mega Man 66 Action Trading Figures Available for Pre-Order

Do note that I didn't say "now" available for pre-order, because they have been for a little while. I just kind of missed covering them until now. Fortunately, they aren't due to ship until April/May 2017, so I think we're all doing well for time here.

"We couldn't agree, and so now we're all the Blue Ranger!"

Anyway, in case you haven't heard, Bandai has a new group of Mega Man figures coming under the "66 Action" banner, which touts "combines mobility and high quality molding" and "a wide range of motion makes dynamic action posing." Each figure measures in at just over two and a half inches, features a fair bit of articulation for that size, and comes with an accessory.

Classic Mega Man comes with an E Tank, while X features an effects part. Volnutt comes with a translucent yellow Servbot/Kobun, and MegaMan.EXE includes his trusty Sword. A fifth figure, not shown, is a red Mega Man which comes with Rush.

You can pre-order a box of ten figures (two of each) from Amiami for 4,630 JPY (about $40.92 USD) with a release date of April. If for some reason that doesn't work out, BigBadToyStore also has them, but for $89.99 USD with an arrival slated for May. Alternatively, Vhyper1985 says that they're supposed to retail individually for about 500 JPY (about $5), though I don't know if they're blind-boxed or not.

More pics (including of the accessories, but not of the red Mega Man, who is apparently supposed to be some sort of "secret") can be seen at the links above, as well as an added gallery on Rockman Unity.

Thanks to Vhyper1985 and David Minter for bringing these to my attention!