Even More Mega Man-inspired Action from Dream Tear - Elementar Rising 2 - Atom Maker

This has been quite the week for games inspired by Mega Man to come out of the woodwork! First we had EndCycle, then FictionSphere, and now Dream Tear - Elemental Rising 2 - Atom Maker.

Dream Tear has something a bit different going on versus its contemporaries, however. For starters, there's no Kickstarter tied to it; instead, it acts as the sequel to the original Dream Tear - Elemental Rising, which was a game told in the style of a visual novel -- or alternatively, through a series of YouTube videos if that happens to be quicker for you, both of which can be found here.

More immediately related to this second game is a manga prologue, which can be found here and follows the game's hero as he returns to join with a group of freedom fighters and seeks to overcome the trials and tribulations surrounding the mysterious Hope Isle.

As to the game itself, here are some trailers which show off the action:

The demo featuring the above can be downloaded on either Itch.io or Game Jolt, and developer Skytric notes that in the time since it was uploaded, they've already added and improved on some things, such as additional walking frames. Just the same, this will allow you to experience a taste of the action.

Here are two other areas that are in the works, including a beach:

And then a topsy-turvy space-themed level, including a boss fight in the bizarre Phytrixia Neptune:

If you're still looking for more about the game, including art, character bios, and other stuff, check out the official webpage here.