Mega Man Battle Network Inspires Yet Another RPG in EndCycle

Whether it's fan games or original creations, there certainly seems to be no shortage of people who have been inspired by the Mega Man Battle Network titles released by Capcom for the Game Boy Advance (and, to a lesser degree, the Nintendo DS) throughout the aughts.

The latest to use MegaMan.EXE as their muse is a group called 12B3 Games, who have recently posted a Kickstarter for EndCycle, a 2D action-role playing game inspired by the gameplay of the adventures of Lan Hikari and the digital Blue Bomber. Here is their trailer:

The story takes place in the world of Anika, where the discovery of a limitless energy source has failed to bring harmony to the land. The protagonist, Fin, loses everything dear to him when the organization known as Azure Shield makes their move to restore the energy source which brought about mankind's ruination. His hope now lies in whether or not he can ally himself with the Crimson Force, who seek to prevent the tragedies of the past from occurring once again.

A free demo version of the game is available on their page, featuring the entire prologue chapter and more than 60 attacks available. You can get more details about the project on Kickstarter, where 18 backers have currently pledged €435 of their €10,000 goal, with 13 days remaining.

Thanks to Gal Peric for sending this my way!