Mega Man 11 Headlines 30th Anniversary Stream Announcements

Well, we knew that today's Mega Man 30th Anniversary live stream would either be boom or bust, and it was definitely a resounding "Boom-shakalaka!" as Capcom announced that a brand-new Mega Man title would be coming in 2018!

Here's the trailer:

The 11th title in the three decades-running series will arrive in late 2018 on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and yes, even the Nintendo Switch. That's like two miracles in one!

Sharp-eyed viewers will also take note that Protodude's prediction was right on, as that mysterious bit of art featuring Mega Man with an odd, brick-like arm and different appearance that wasn't from any of the previous titles featured in the collection was indeed a tease for Mega Man 11, with Yuji Ishihara serving as art director for the game's hand-drawn visuals. Furthermore, that new look for the Roll Nendoroid figure at TGS is going to be featured in the game as well!

In addition to a bunch of screenshots, the following gallery also contains a look at Mega Man's new Super Smash Bros.-esque design, his "powered up" form, and the Robot Master he apparently gets said form from. And hey, sliding and charge shots are back, too, with the latter seemingly featuring in some sort of new hyper mode-like state relating to the gears beneath the energy meters.

More info is to come in the Summer of 2018, but before that happens, Nintendo Switch owners will finally be able to get caught up with the previous ten entries as Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 are both coming to the platform in Spring 2018 with amiibo support.

Plus, the first Mega Man Legacy Collection will see the addition of a Rewind feature like the one seen in The Disney Afternoon Collection, and that feature will be added to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions for those who already have it there.

Then there was the announcement that kicked the entire event off: All eight Mega Man X games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC in Summer 2018. Details are few, including whether this will take on the form of a collection or not, but more details are said to be due in the coming months.

Hm, if Mega Man Legacy Collection and its sequel are coming to Nintendo Switch as a sort of recap/warm-up for Mega Man 11, could the release of the eight Mega Man X games be preceding an as-yet unannounced Mega Man X9?

Maybe we shouldn't get ahead of ourselves, but we can always hope!

Finally, here's a look at the cover for the January 2018 issue of Game Informer magazine: