Fan Game Frenzy!

Today, we've got word from not one, not two, but three different fan game developers of different projects, and between them, hopefully at least one is enough to garner your attention. Normally, I'd have made individual posts for each, but with how long some have been waiting, I figured it might be more fun to make it a party instead.

First, Zerolegends sends an update about the previously-covered prequel to the Mega Man ZX series, Team Einherjar's "Mega Man ZX Genesis." The latest is that they are on their third alpha test, and will probably have one more before they move into the beta phase, which is where more of the story elements which connect it back to the Zero games come in.

The following video of Alpha Test 2 is geared more towards the game's environments, as well as something extra regarding the Four Guardians -- and a couple of other increasingly surprising appearances:

Alpha Test 3 shows off more distinct abilities for Models P and F, as per the official Mega Man ZX games, as well as something new at the end:

In addition to this, Team Einherjar is also working on a "Project FS," which is described as a Mega Man-inspired game with their own twist, but besides the character art at the end of the above trailer, more details are still to come. By the sounds of it, maybe they're taking the skills learned from working on "Mega Man ZX Genesis" and creating a Mega Man-esque game of their own design?

If you're interested in more "Mega Man ZX Genesis," then you might want to check out the nearly two-hour New Year live stream that they recorded.

Moving on, BLsquared has been at work on "Mega Man 2: Remastered." Hey, if you're going to hone your skills in game design class by remaking one of the Mega Man games, this is probably one of the best places you can start!

Here's a video of it in action with a remake of the Air Man stage, though BLsquared says the optimal experience is the Quick Man stage (as it was the first one completed):

Some of the assets are placeholders and others seem not to have been implemented yet. Unfortunately, it seems the project has also gone as far as it's going to at this time, but BLsquared has posted the source code here (along with more details and screens of the aforementioned Quick Man stage) for anyone interested in carrying on his work. Will any of you be the Dr. Cain to his Dr. Light?

Hm, that analogy sounded better in my head before taking the whole Mavericks thing into consideration.

Finally, we come to an update sent to me by HeatPhoenix about the "Mega Man Battle Network 3D" fan game. This time, they're collaborating with the developer of another fan game based on a property Mega Man Battle Network fans will no doubt be familiar with, revisiting that team-up from the past:

To learn more about the fan game "Kura5" (including a free demo to play), visit their page here.

And that's it for now! Share your thoughts in the comments below!