Red Ash -Magicicada- Undergoes a Name Change and More

It's been quite a while since we last heard anything about Red Ash. On the video game front, there still isn't any news to speak of, while we got a little bit of news about the anime back in June 2016.

In that regard, it is perhaps of little surprise that the latest news once again comes from the anime side of things with Studio 4℃ updating with a variety of new details and info.

As you can see by the new artwork at right, the Original Video Animation (OVA) now possesses a new name: Red Ash -Gearworld- (or "RedAsh -GEARWORLD-," to be precise).

The website, which is in Japanese, also provides some other tidbits of info as well for those eager to learn more about the story and what's going on in this world. By way of Google Translate, the synopsis says:

The future society where nanomachines are incorporated into genes, "nano species" (nano race) with special abilities are managed and discriminated under ordinary human "pure seed" (pure race). Among them, a nude boy Beck, a legendary hunter with the capability of "Red Ash" that turns into red ash, is used to earn surgery expenses to become a pure species, along with a mechanic 's weak big tiger, a parallel machine He was engaged in a dangerous job jumping to the old world. One day, a girl call chased by a mysterious dual-player safari & stripe suddenly pushed in front of Beck and got to jump to the gear world together. But the two players and their leader, Dinai, have relentlessly pursued the call and have finally attacked the Becks ...!

Yeah, that reads in a way that is just a bit confusing. Fortunately, I was able to get someone a little more proficient in the ways of translating Japanese to lend a hand:

In a future society where nanomachines have become incorporated into genes, the "Nano race" who possess special abilities are oppressed and discriminated against by the "Pure race" of normal humans. Among the Nano race is the young lad named Beck, a hunter of legend who possesses the special ability of "Red Ash" transformation. In order to pay for the costly operation that would allow him to become a member of the Pure race, Beck and his mechanic companion, a large but timid fellow named Tyger, have taken on dangerous work zipping to the old world in their Parallel Machine.  Then one day, they suddenly cross paths with a young lady named Call who is being chased by Safari and Stripe, a mysterious pair of crooks. Thrust into a mixed-up situation, together they zoom off to Gearworld, but are pursued relentlessly by the shady duo and their leader Deny, who ultimately commence an attack on Beck and his companions...!

So it appears we have two forms of humanity in the future: One with nanomachine-augmented genes which give them special powers, and another who are pure and treat the first like trash. Think X-Men, except it sounds like they did it to themselves.

One member of this nano race is Beck, who is a legendary hunter (I'm guessing something akin to a Digger, maybe? Or maybe I'm just projecting), who can use his ability of "Red Ash" to... turn into red ash. Well, at least there's no confusion there. Or maybe a lot of confusion, I don't even know yet. It's kind of confusing.

Anyway, it sounds like we've got a Pinocchio sort of story here, as he wants to be a real (i.e. "pure") boy, and is using his ability to help him realize his dream.

Also pointed out to me by my tour guide through this is that in this Kickstarter post from before, the Parallel Machine was called the "Parallel World Transfer Machine," and it seems that this "Gearworld" may be such a parallel world/dimension. As for Deny, he was previously explained to be a former friend and current rival of Beck's.

As to the rest of the page, there is a staff roll and some words from two of the project heads. From Director Yuta Yano Sano:

- About the works produced in this project
This work is adventure play theater, which is the royal road of animation. Through adventure, I will draw a human pattern that the hero grows over various troubles and conflicts, I want to make it a good story with good stories and actions that children and adults can enjoy.

And from Producer Hisae Yuhua:

- Motivation for this project
As a training project, we aim to establish educational method of CG animator as well as handwritten animation site. Also, since it is an impressive story filled with strong individuality and unique world view of the character in about 20 minutes of work, I hope to be able to create works that can be enjoyed by animators and viewers I will.

And that's pretty much it for now. More as it comes, and a huge thanks to DaftLegends on Tumblr for bringing this to my attention!