Catch Up with Archie's Mega Man in ComiXology's Line-Wide Sale

It's been about a year or so since Archie's Mega Man comic went on "hiatus." In the intervening time, there has been no word of a revival, and even more unfortunate for some, the collected works released in graphic novel format have dried up midway through the run of the series. This has left those who relied on that particular method unable to complete their reading of Blue Bomber's adventures on the printed page.

Fortunately, there is an alternative. While it won't enhance anyone's physical Mega Man displays, at least fans can find closure (or even catch up on what they might have missed entirely) at a pretty low price right now -- at least, until 11:59am EST on January 29th, 2017.

ComiXology is having a linewide sale on all Archie Comics books: Just enter the code "ARCHIE" at the checkout, and save 50 percent on your order!

That, of course, includes the Mega Man books released by Archie. The eight trade paperbacks (collecting issues 1-36 in sets of four issues per book) normally go for $11.99 USD each, so they should be around $6 each after the discount is applied. Individual issues may be the way to go for the more frugal here, though, as they're normally $1.99 USD each, making them just $1 apiece. You might miss out on the bonus content and variant covers featured in the trades, but you can get the entire story (barring the Sonic the Hedgehog crossovers, which are also included) for $55 USD. Considering the cover price for the books towards the end of the series' run was $3.99 USD each, that's quite a steal!

And who knows? Maybe if enough people pick up the books through this sale, Archie might even get the idea that it would be worthwhile to end this "hiatus" sooner than later -- wouldn't that be nice?