New-ish Film Roman Highlight Reel Features Mega Man of Action (Update)

In case you missed it on Twitter/Facebook, updates have been slim here while I've been up to my neck in playing Yakuza 0 for review (which you can find on SEGA Nerds now). I was going to resume updates tomorrow, but then this came up.

"This" of course being the new highlight reel from animation house Film Roman that went up earlier today -- or rather, back in November, but its unlisted nature apparently kept anyone from seeing it until today -- featuring El Americano, Ultimate Spider-Man, Max Steel, a bizarrely chibi CGI version of Heathcliff, and decades-long mainstay The Simpsons, plus one other fellow: Mega Man, which of course is the version lovingly (well, more out of necessity than anything) referred to here as "Mega Man of Action."

(Update: The original trailer is no longer available, as it seems that Film Roman has set it to private.)

You can already get a pretty good look at the visual appearance of the show and our first look at Fire Man (or his non-union Mexican equivalent) from the thumbnail above, but here's an unblemished version, courtesy of Tanner 2.8 HD Remix's Twitter account:

You'll also take notice at the very start that it appears to be Ro -- er, "Aki Light" doing his best "morphin time" pose before things kick off:

Finally, for good measure, here's Drill Man (I think. Seriously, after MegaMan NT Warrior, who knows if anything is sacred any more? "Rock" sure wasn't):

And that's pretty much it. Not a whole lot, but what do you expect for sharing 24 seconds of screen time with five other shows? At least we now have a better idea of what the show is going to look like.

That said, what do you think? Share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below!

And thanks to Ben Albright (@DefinitiveDubs), Tanner 2.8 HD Remix (@TannerLPer), and Deji Majek for the tips (and double-thanks to Tanner for the screen caps as well)!

(Update 2: At the behest of Film Roman, the screen caps have been taken down as well.)