The State of TMMN Address

Basically how I spent much of the last month, but with fewer cats.

Credit: Reploid Research Lavatory

Okay, so I'm posting this at 1:45am instead of the usual 10am I schedule for. At this point, it probably doesn't really matter, does it?

Some of you have been wondering where I've been for the past month. For the full, personal side of things (plus some Mega Man cosplay and merch), check out this link.

Put simply, however, I've been rather sick since the middle of Otakon, and while I scheduled enough material to keep things updated until I returned, I was in no way prepared for being bedridden and barely able to write.

I forget when I decided to do it, but I've prided myself on more or less being able to provide something I hoped would be of interest to Mega Man fans every single weekday, Monday through Friday -- hence why some things would take longer to show up, as posting everything as I got it would leave huge, empty gaps without updates. Needless to say, that streak has been broken, and I've had some time to reflect. I suppose "pride comes before a fall," as they say.

While I'm scaling down some of my other operations (see the link above), I do plan to resume updating The Mega Man Network, though perhaps on a lighter schedule for a bit. There are some articles I've been wanting to write and post here, but haven't had time to give them the attention they require, and I'd like to take care of those.

That said, I have been receiving your tips, and stockpiling a few things of my own as well. In the coming days (or maybe more likely at the start of next week; I don't know yet), I'm going to try to gather the more "news"-ish stuff in a "Ripot's Round-Up," maybe a couple of other quick image/trailer/infodumps on whatever else as necessary, and queue up some of the more "stable" stuff for later.

And I guess that's all I really have to say here for the time being. Updates will resume, and I've got some special stuff planned (including reviews, a contest, and a really in-depth analysis of Mighty No. 9), so I hope you haven't deleted your bookmarks or unfollowed on social media or however you tend to come here. I'm back, and that's the main thing I have to say.