Ripot's Round-Up for 9/12/16

The other day, I promised a Ripot's Round-Up to catch up on things I missed while I was away.

Unfortunately, it seems that some of those tips had a bit of a use-by date, while others are being held for other more dedicated posts later this week.

Ah, my bad?

Anyway, in the interest of getting caught up on things, here's what I've got in the mailbox (I thought I had more, really!).


The biggest item of note comes our way from Roberto Zampari Caldas by way of Protodude's Rockman Corner. It would seem the folks over at Nerdist had a chance to interview the folks from Man of Action Entertainment about their upcoming Mega Man cartoon. One part in particular stuck out to me, though:

N: Mega-Man has a pretty sprawling rogues gallery of his own, but are you guys adding any new characters to the Mega-Man canon?
JC: One of the things we’re doing is keeping names and types you know and then going, “What does that look like right now?” So his family, for instance, has a slightly different shape. They’re all familiar, but they have different kinds of things they’re doing. But if there are characters from Mega Man that you like, for example, they’re probably around, but in a shiny new wrapper in a new way. The villains, I mean, there’s so many of them; we’re still in the geek phase of going, “Oh, I want to do this one, I want to do this one!” While that’s going on, we haven’t needed to make any more yet. New takes on old names, for sure, though.
N: And some of the old names were a little wonky.
JC: Fan Man, love it, especially today when it’s hot! We had brought up a touch of equal rights. Not only are there Fan Man and Shock Man and Elec Man and all of them, but we brought in some women characters as well.

I always loved Fan Man and Shock Man, along with Hot Man and Strong Man, but I'll always have a soft spot deep down for Scissor Man.

I guess this kind of debunks at least part of that rumor we had from a month or so back. Ah well, that was fun while it lasted. Anyway, check out the rest of the interview here, which promises that Mega Man himself will be very positive and optimistic, a twist for the character I'm sure we all agree was sorely needed.


Also via Protodude comes a whole smattering of new Mega Man product which should be available at a finer retailer near you. From a Servbot wall scroll to a Skull Man beer mug and more, you can check it all out here.


If you're a fan of "Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch," then good news!

V5, which now includes content from Mega Man 9, is now available and can be found here, while a list of changes made can be found here. Thanks to Auto for the tip!


Another update comes my way via Zacharia. The "Mega Man Battle Network 3D" fan game has added a new local multiplayer mode -- check it out!

Of course, there's all sorts of new, smaller updates about art and assets and more going up all the time, which you can find here.


Finally, I wish I'd gotten to this sooner (along with the news about the now-ended Humble PlayStation Bundle with Mega Man 9 and Mega Man 10 -- sorry, TheNM22!). Shadowdark7 informs me that BigBadToyStore has opened up pre-orders for the Cut Man and Super Mega Man Nel figure two-pack from Sentinel. Unfortunately, those pre-orders have also sold out.

The figures went for $129.99 with a November 2016 release date, and the reason I bring this up at all is because this will hopefully give any of you who are interested (and didn't get the pre-order) an idea of what to expect as you look around for anyone else who will be carrying them!


And that's all for now! By all means, please keep the tips coming by using this form or by dropping an e-mail to (at)!