Yacht Club Games Announces Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack Pre-Orders (Update)

Early in July, Inti Creates and Yacht Club Games came together to announce that Azure Striker Gunvolt and its sequel will be hitting retail in a physical form as the Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack. More recently, Yacht Club Games has thrown open the gates as pre-orders are now available on certain web retailers.

Those retailers include the U.S.-based Amazon, GameStop, and Target (if you know of more, feel free to share in the comments), each pricing it at $29.99 USD. After that, things get a little confusing.

When the pack was announced, a release date of Friday, September 30th was given. However, both Amazon and GameStop are saying that it will actually be available on Tuesday, October 4th. And Target? They say they'll have it a day earlier on Monday, October 3rd! (All dates are in 2016, in case you weren't certain.)

I've reached out to Yacht Club Games for clarification (as I'm sure those of you who'd rather buy it in person would love to know definitively when to get it), and will update this when and if I hear back from them.

Update: I just heard back from Yacht Club Games, and they confirmed that September 30th is the date, and they will be looking into things with their distributors as to the cause of the confusion.

Sadly (well, depending on how you feel about such things), there are no pre-order bonuses being offered by any of the three retailers. And really, there are few better opportunities to highlight the Shovel Knight amiibo, if you think about it.

Source: Yacht Club Games on Facebook