Jasco Prepares to Lay Down the Bass in Battle for Power

It's been a while since we last heard from Jasco Games about their Universal Fighting System (UFS) card game, but they've just issued an announcement that their latest batch of Mega Man cards titled "Battle for Power" will be available in just three weeks.

A pre-release kit for local game stores to use to advertise the set will be available on the weekend of August 19th through 21st, and contains eight Booster displays, four Release Play Mats (seen above), one exclusive poster (seen below at left), and promo cards -- which is probably the main thing that will concern you if you're reading this and you don't own a game store.

The official release is on August 26th, and each Booster display (seen above at right) contains 24 Booster packs, with ten cards to a pack.

Finally, here's a look at a choice selection of a few cards featuring Bass and one of my personal favorite Robot Masters, Turbo Man!

"Special Beam Cannon!"

"Wolf Fang Fist!"

"Flash Kick!"

"Wilybots, transform and roll out!"

Bass didn't look both ways.

I was using Turbo Man in an RPG and I did this to Zero (he got out).

You can see many more in the Photos section of Jasco's Facebook page.