Rumor: Details on Mega Man of Action Game? (Update)

It's been a while since we've had a genuinely good rumor around here that wasn't about Mighty No. 9 receiving yet another delay. Once upon a time, I'd have cast a more suspicious eye before running with anything, but right now, I'm just going to savor this and have some fun with it. Just remember that this is a rumor with a capital "R," right down to the anonymous source involved (I know a few other details, but I'm keeping those to myself for their sake), so take it with as much salt as you feel is necessary.

Said source states that -- as expected -- a new Mega Man game based on the upcoming Man of Action cartoon is on the way, but in two forms. One is the "main" version developed internally by Capcom for a digital release on Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC, while the other is being outsourced to an undisclosed company to be developed for the Nintendo 3DS and mobile platforms -- with "weaker" graphics and possibly touch features implemented, but otherwise similar if not identical.

The game is supposedly a 2D platformer which plays similarly to past games, but sports high quality high definition graphics. Unlike those games, however, the "Man" naming scheme is out the window and -- oddly -- bear musical names such as "Flare Symphony," "Frostbite Sonata," and "Saber Waltz," even though Mega Man himself has apparently discarded the musical terms thing under his new pseudonym of "Aki Light" (that part about Mega Man's name isn't part of the rumor, by the way, in case you're just learning about this thing now).

Update: One thing I forgot to mention: According to our Anonymous tipster, the game "ties directly" into the show, even featuring animated cutscenes taken directly from it. Sorry for leaving that part out!

All told, it's a fascinating rumor, and with what we know of things at the moment, feels just plausible enough to be true. Just the same, though, don't take this as news -- it is just a rumor (I can't emphasize that enough) for now, and the fun part (which is why I decided to share here, but I don't intend on making a habit of this) is seeing how much of it comes true as we approach the cartoon's air date next year.

For now, feel free to discuss this in the comments below. Under the circumstances (i.e. what we know about the Mega Man of Action cartoon and that this would almost unquestionably be the next non-retro-compilation Mega Man thing Capcom is likely to do), how does this sound to you? Sound off!