Five Years On, and Get Me Off The Moon is Still Going Strong

Maybe you didn't realize it, but yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of when the axe finally and definitively fell on the Mega Man Legends 3 Project. Even though the solemn occasion popped up in my Facebook memories, I decided against posting anything about it because who really wants to be reminded? Who wants that kind of negativity in their life?

Well, as it so happens, that same date gave rise to the group Get Me Off The Moon, who also celebrated their fifth anniversary yesterday and still have some fight left in them.

In the time since Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled, GMOTM has made numerous efforts to open Capcom's eyes to the desires of the fans. This has borne some fruit, as now all three of the PlayStation titles from the Mega Man Legends series are now available on the PlayStation Store.

It's that same fruit which comes into play in the first of two raffles. For "Operation Network of Legends," you simply need to show Capcom (on Facebook and/or Twitter) and Get Me Off The Moon that you've purchased at least one (or up to all three) of the PlayStation Network releases of the games in order to be entered into the drawing.

Or you can take part in "Operation Legendary Resolve," which involves assembling a book about why Mega Man Legends 3 deserves to be made. For this, you can choose from the following options to participate and enter the raffle:

Option 1: Send us a message/e-mail (digital) that tells us why you feel Mega Man Legends deserves a sequel for 1 raffle ticket. Get to writing!
-OR- Option 2: Send us a letter in the mail that tells us why you feel Mega Man Legends deserves a sequel. Since this takes a little extra effort and lends a more heartfelt feeling to the journal, this will net you 2 raffle tickets!
Option 3: In addition to either of the options above, you can also send us some pictures accompanying your feelings for an extra raffle ticket! You can send this part digitally or through the mail, your choice, but let us know that you're working on it so we know to expect it! You can send us original artwork, photographs of your Legends merchandise, even Legends cosplay photos! Any way you want to show how much of a Never-Say-Die Legends fan you are, send it our way!

In addition to showing Capcom your support of Mega Man Legends, you'll also be entered to win one of a number of cool Mega Man prizes, ranging from a Servbot coffee mug to swing keychains to art books and even some posters.

For all the details on entering and a look at the prizes themselves, head on over to Get Me Off The Moon's post and see for yourself.

Thanks to Skybane for the tip!