All Helmets Break Loose at San Diego Comic-Con!

The 2016 edition of the San Diego Comic-Con begins this week, running from July 21st to 24th, and of course there are various Mega Man goodies to be had. In addition to TruForce Collectibles' new X-Boost variant of their Mega Man X figure, Bluefin has revealed that Multiverse Studios has a variety of their replica Mega Man helmets waiting to be unleashed upon those attending the show.

In addition to the classic Blue Bomber look, the helmets will also be available in Rush Red, Bubble Lead Grey, Leaf Shield Green, and Quick Boomerang Pink, each reflecting a different part of Mega Man's arsenal. Each one is $170, and if you're going to be at the show, you can get yours at Bluefin booth #401.

The only question that remains is whether we'll see matching Mega Busters as well.