Deep Silver Responds to Mighty No. 9 Backer Content Rumors

As if there hasn't been enough of a stir surrounding Mighty No. 9 since its release (and before, but anyway), rumors have been going around that Deep Silver and Comcept were going to begin selling the Golden Beck and MegaXel Form -- two pieces of content which were marked as exclusive to backers at certain tiers during the game's Kickstarter campaign -- as regular paid downloadable content come August.

The source of these rumors came from various pages such as these two from Xbox, which label the content as "Coming Soon" with a date of August 24th, 2016 as their release.


I reached out to Deep Silver for comment, and they offered the following response:

There are currently no plans to sell the kickstarter backer DLC items for Mighty No. 9 .

Simple and to the point.

Deep Silver says Your Precioussss is safe.

To offer a theory of my own, it may be that this content simply has a page as a placeholder or reference of sorts for those who may need to redownload their specific content. However, without further information, that's only a theory.

So, Mighty Beckers, you can breathe a sigh of relief -- it seems that your rewards shall remain yours.