Kirby: Planet Robobot is Like Robot Ride Armor: The Game

Kirby and Mega Man have a little bit in common, as fans of both are often keen to point out. Not only are they both stars of long-running side-scrolling adventures, but they both have that whole "steal your enemy's powers and use them against your other foes" thing going on. Oh, and some of their music seems to work pretty well for each other, too.

Even with all of that said, though, your typical Kirby game probably does not fall into the realm of what we call "Mega Man-esque" around here. And yet, the tough cream puff's latest seems to fall rather close; it may not be "Mega Man-esque," but with the inclusion of the Robobot armor, it's definitely Robot Ride Armor-esque.

Indeed, from the time it was announced, people immediately drew similarities between Kirby's latest hardware and the bipedal mechs found throughout the Mega Man X series. Having played it myself (you can find my full review on Mario's Hat), I can definitely confirm that Kirby not only brings Vile's favorite playthings to the fore, but actually manages to improve the experience in many ways, not the least of which is crafting so much of the game around it.

So if you're done with Mighty No. 9 or are even simply wary of taking it on and want something new with just a little bit of Mega Man's spark inside, I encourage you to check this Nintendo 3DS game out. And as I said in the review, if Capcom returns us to the world of 21XX, hopefully they're taking notes.