Jim Sterling Checks Out Mighty No. 9

It's happening! It's finally happening! After multiple delays, the release of Mighty No. 9 is well and truly upon us!

Well, almost. In what may be something of a carefully calculated move by Deep Silver, the game doesn't drop until Tuesday, June 21st in the United States and Canada, perhaps taking advantage of an exhausted games press that won't have had time to dive into their copies before release. That's all just speculation, mind.

Not everyone is at the big show in Los Angeles this week, however, including one Jim Sterling, who has received his review copy from the publisher and posted a "Jimpressions" video as he takes on a chunk of the game for the first time. So thank God for him and his aversion to attending such events as E3, right?

Note that the video is Not Safe For Work due to some language, but visually, everything should be fine:

All told, he takes a fairly even-handed approach to things, putting aside the controversies which have surrounded/plagued the game for some time now to focus on the quality of the final product itself here (minus a quick jab at Deep Silver's ill-received promotional video). As for a review? He says that is forthcoming once he plays more of the game, of course.

For now, what do you think? This is the finished product, so has your opinion been swayed at all? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thanks to Auto for the tip!