Comcept Unleashes the Vermilion Destroyer

Comcept has released a new trailer for Mighty No. 9, and thankfully, it looks like they've kept Deep Silver far away from this one.

This time, they're highlighting the bonus content featuring Ray, who's sporting the alias of the "Vermilion Destroyer." Watch as Beck enters Ray's stomping grounds for a one-on-one battle before some footage reveals what it's like to be the one who feeds.

As you can see, Ray has something unique going on with a life meter that drains periodically unless the thirst for Xel is quenched. And unlike Beck, Ray doesn't appear to need to weaken a foe before attacking -- that Sonic-esque Spin Attack that looks to replace the dash maneuver seems to work just fine.

Ray's content comes as part of the Mighty No. 9 retail package, and is free to all backers of the Kickstarter. If you plan to download and didn't back the Kickstarter, then you'll have the option of purchasing that pack separately.