New Details on Rockman.EXE Arranged Album

via Famitsu

via Famitsu

A few weeks ago, news came in about a pair of Rockman.EXE soundtracks that are due to be released on June 15th through e-Capcom. Now, thanks once again to Midori, we have some more info on the second of the two releases, the arranged soundtrack.

In addition to the cover art (seen at right), we now know that the full title for the album is "Rockman.EXE 15th Arrange Best Track", and that it will contain 13 tracks arranged by an assortment of five different artists. Of those, three were among the original composers of music for Rockman.EXE, aka Mega Man Battle Network.

So, what are the tracks? I'm glad you asked, as Midori sent along the following chart which displays the name of each track, who arranged it and who the original composer was, and which game it originated in:

So, were you already planning on getting the soundtrack? Or did this new info change your mind? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!