Mega Man for DOS Gets a Fan Remake

In light of Glass Knuckle's recent decision to critically look at the first DOS Mega Man game, it's only fitting that Auto would bring to my attention the following fan remake of those same games in a style that looks (and sounds) a bit more like the Mega Man we know and love:

No crazed robot dog chasing you at the start? To be honest, I don't know how much of this matches up to the originals, but it's clearly a hybrid of the two games with all nine Robot Masters in play, plus "hidden bosses and secrets," including a Mega Man X-inspired feature wherein defeating one Robot Master will affect the stage of the next. There's also a level editor, should you decide to create your own Blue Bomber deathtrap.

YouTube user Shinryu didn't offer much info as to where the game came from, so I did some digging and tracked it back to this page on the Steam Workshop, for anyone interested in trying it out for themselves.