Dookieshed's Top 10 Music Themes from Mega Man Classic & X

If the name "Dookieshed" looks familiar to you, it might be because last year, he hosted "Mega Man March" on his YouTube channel with a variety of videos celebrating the Blue Bomber -- a tradition he's continuing this year with "Mega Man May 2016."

His most recent (and Not Safe For Work) video is a top 10 list that looks at a topic that is surprisingly not covered all that often -- the top 10 music themes from the Mega Man X series.

Prior to that, he of course took a look at the natural predecessor -- the equally Not Safe For Work top 10 music themes from Mega Man Classic:

Finally (at least, as of this writing -- keep an eye on his YouTube channel for more content), if that wasn't enough for you, he also took it upon himself earlier this month to answer the question of questions: "Why is Zero so AWESOME?" That is, not what makes him awesome, but why the developers effectively made him in such a way that he would outshine the series' titular star. And like before, this is also Not Safe For Work:

What do you think? Are the lists on-target? Is Zero's awesomeness adequately explained? Voice your thoughts in the comments below!