The Angry Video Game Nerd Celebrates 10 Years on YouTube with Mega Man

The Angry Video Game Nerd has been on YouTube for ten whole years -- a full decade of taking you back to the past to play some kind of games that something something. And in that spirit, he's taking a look at Mega Man.

Let's face it -- not everything that has the Blue Bomber's name on it is gold, leaving some perfect material for the Nerd to tear into, such as the DOS games from Hi-Tech Expressions, Mega Man X7, and... Mega Man Legends?

In case you aren't familiar with his work, know that this is definitely a Not Safe For Work video:

As a fun point of note, the description also states that "this was the most time-consuming AVGN episode to make, at 138+ hours of work. It beat the record, previously held by R.O.B. at 122+ hours." The more you know!

Also worth knowing is that while in-character as the Nerd, Rolfe does tend to exaggerate his opinions on the flaws with games a bit, so taking this video too seriously would be ill-advised.

Finally, a shout-out to James Rolfe: thanks for ten great years of videos, and here's to many more! And thanks to GeminiSparkSP and Andrew for the tips!