Miss The Friday Nyteworks Stream of Mega Man 2? Watch it Now!

Were you not able to catch last week's episode of The Friday Nyteworks Steam? I wouldn't be surprised, as circumstances beyond my control wound up causing me to miss my already-later start time of 9:30pm EST and I didn't get started until an hour later (my sincerest apologies, by the way).

Late or not, I played Mega Man 2 from Mega Man Legacy Collection, and we had a grand ol' time in the chat as I took on the Difficult setting and suggestions from the audience about where to go and who to fight. If you're interested in checking it out, guess what? You're in luck, and can see it all right here!

Of course, if you would rather, you can also view the entire thing over on the Nyteworks YouTube channel as well.

I'll be revisiting Mega Man Legacy Collection for Mega Man 3 sometime in the future (and you'll hear about it here before I do), but the upcoming episode on Friday, April 29th at the new start time of 8:30pm EST will focus on the newly-released PlayStation 4 version of WayForward's Shantae and the Pirate's Curse. Hope to see you there!