Mega Man (Sort of) Appears on @Midnight

Sometimes the Blue Bomber turns up in the unlikeliest of places. Of course, in this instance, Mega Man is nowhere to be found -- and with good reason!

As we continues towards the 2017 release of the new Mega Man cartoon, Comedy Central's @Midnight recently gave us something to look forward to by looking back -- at one of the worst episodes of the Ruby-Spears series entire three (on a technicality)-season run, "Curse of the Lion Men."

The only curse worse is never being able to forget it.

As Comedy Central doesn't tend to play too kindly with the internet, you'll need to click here to see the Not Safe For Work show (go to 9:10 for the beginning of the segment). If you're in Canada (like me), that will do you no good, but you can thankfully view it here. And if you're anywhere else, I don't know what to tell you -- except that maybe this might help you view it on Comedy Central as a last-ditch resort, though for what it's worth, that may be more trouble than the clip itself is actually worth, unless you intend to get some serious mileage out of it afterwards.

Thanks to Dr. Neko for the tip and all the links!