MegaMan May Not Be Off the Moon, But At Least He's on PSN

This news actually came out yesterday, but I held off on reporting it because I didn't think many of you would believe it.

Not that it's very hard to believe at all at this point; after The Misadventures of Tron Bonne and the first Mega Man Legends made their way to the PlayStation Store, it felt like it was only a matter of time before Mega Man Legends 2, the third and final game of the PlayStation trilogy, would find its way onto the digital distribution service.

Now, following sightings on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board's website, the PlayStation Blog's "PlayStation Blogcast" (by way of Game Informer) has revealed that the cliffhanger that's had fans in a tizzy for almost 16 years will be available to torment us all again next week -- a couple of weeks shy of the 16th anniversary of the game's Japanese release of April 20th, as it so happens.

Of course, the downside is that it won't run on the PlayStation 4 (now that would have been a fun stream), and odds are that as with the preceding titles, it will only work with the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation Vita, and if you're not too attached to having second shoulder buttons to use, the PlayStation Portable as well.

As Protodude noted previously, the lack of licensing that got in the way of the original game's re-release and led to a higher-than-normal price tag of $9.99 USD should not be an issue with the sequel, hopefully leading to the more commonplace $5.99 USD.

Thanks to Oakie for the tip!