Want to Fill Out Capcom's Rockman Survey? Here's How! (Update)

So a couple of weeks ago, we learned about a survey that Capcom of Japan is holding in order to gauge interest in what fans want to see next from the Blue Bomber. That's cool.

What's less cool (but not unexpected), however, is that the entire survey is in Japanese, making it a bit of a problem for anyone from outside of Japan to get their thoughts in. Given how specifically Japanese some of the questions are, it would seem that's by design, but that's not going to stop any true-Blue Bomber fans from doing what they can anyway.

That includes fans such as RyugaSSJ3, who has put together this handy-dandy helpful guide to getting through the survey. The survey is open until April 30th, so if you're interested in taking part, then click on this link and let Capcom of Japan know what you think!

Update: According to a trusted source who wishes to remain anonymous, this survey may not be on the up-and-up -- that is, the survey itself is legit, but the translations going around are inaccurate. The source goes on to state that this is a product registration survey specifically for those who purchased Rockman Classics Collection, rather than an open survey for Mega Man fans to express their desires.

The survey, according to this source, contains the normal product registration questions one expects to hear: "Where did you hear about this game?" "Why did you purchase it?" "What's your favorite feature?" And so on. The two main questions that has everyone abuzz are stated to be "If (their emphasis) Mega Man 11 came out, would you be interested?" and of course, "If we made more Collections, which series would you like to see?"

The question and possible answers for the Mega Man 11 question are given like so:

If there was a Mega Man 11, would you buy it?
1 - I want to buy it even if it's only playable on a new console
2 - I want to buy it if it's out for the console I already have
3 - I want to wait and see if I wanna buy it after the game is out
4 - I don't want to buy it but I want to play it
5 - I would not want to play it anymore

The fear there is that Capcom may either throw the survey out due to the influx of invalid results, or possibly just throw together "a crap mess of a game" on account of well-meaning fans choosing everything available. So fill out the survey at your own peril, as there's a chance that it could do more harm than good!

Update x2: #20 of The Reploid Research Lavatory adds his two cents in, noting that it is registration for those who purchase Rockman Classics Collection, and that the reason for asking for an address is that they are going to send QUO cards to some of those who submit the form. "Aside from potentially sending out cards to made up false addresses, I don't think it's really going to hurt for fans to be filling it out," he says, though he adds that they do request that only one survey to be completed per customer.