Miss The Friday Nyteworks Stream? Watch it Now! (Update)

Were you not able to catch the inaugural broadcast of The Friday Nyteworks Stream last week? Then worry not, for the entire two and a half hours has been recorded and uploaded to the Nyteworks channel on YouTube for posterity!

Incidentally, if having the entire block at once seems like a bit much, I agree. However, I've had absolutely no luck getting Twitch to export it in 15 minute chunks -- I have an Inbox full of "failed export" messages. I'm going to keep trying, but for now, this is pretty much the way it is. (If you have any advice on how to get past this, please let me know -- it took forever just to get the full version above to go through, and I still have no idea how I did it!)

(Update: If you'd rather go in ~15 minute chunks, then you'll want to check out the playlist I finally got to go through.)

If you're interested in more where that came from, I'm currently planning a second stream this Friday at 7pm EST, though the subject is currently up in the air. If I get my code for Killer Instinct Season 3 by that point, then we'll be seeing what Kim Wu, Tusk, the Arbiter from Halo, and Rash the Battletoad bring to the table. If not, then I'll be digging into Project Spark for the first time. (Update: Just got the Killer Instinct code, so I'm running with that! {Update 2: The stream is done, and the playlist can be found here!})

Oh, and for those of you wanting more Mega Man, don't worry -- I plan to revisit Mega Man Legacy Collection in a few weeks!