Mega Man 11 and More Collections Subject of New Capcom Survey

Well, here's an interesting bit of fun a number of you have written in about.

Protodude's Rockman Corner reports that Capcom of Japan has posted a new survey with regards to the recent release of Rockman Classics Collection (aka Mega Man Legacy Collection) for the Nintendo 3DS. The overall purpose is to see what fans would like to see next for the Blue Bomber, ranging from a new entry in the Classic series (with Rockman 11 cited as an example) to further collections of any other non-Classic series.

You can find the survey here, but with a catch: it's in Japanese. Google Translate alleviates this issue somewhat, but only in part -- I still found most of the text was in Japanese. Another barrier to overcome is the postal address, which can be easily overcome by typing in six random numbers, though what bearing that might have on your survey getting through is anyone's guess.

The survey will be open until April 30th.

Thanks to Tsukumo, Aaron, Pedro, and Photon for the tips (via My Nintendo News)!