Inafune and Inti Creates take MAGFest by Storm

If you haven't been to MAGFest, I highly recommend it. A convention located in Washington, D.C., during the cold winter months, it's a massive celebration of the art of video game music. I attend every year to listen to tunes, hear all the cool guests, but this year saw something extra special. To our surprise, and sort of a last minute announcement before the con, guests included Keiji Inafune, the Inti Creates sound team, as well as special guest Manami Matsumae, who if you don't know, worked on the soundtrack to the original Mega Man.

If you live too far away to attend, you're now in luck! MAGFest recorded every thing for you to enjoy!

So without further ado, let's start this off with the Inafune and Inti Creates Q&A panel.

Inafune popping in wasn't the only special Mega Man related guest MAGFest offered. It also boasted the Inti Creates sound team's first ever U.S. appearance.

Every night had a concert by Inti Creates and each one was amazing.

The Mega Man Concert

(At the end of the concert, if you see a person holding up a Star Man helmet and jumping up and down like a lunatic, that was me.)

The Azure Striker Gunvolt Concert

The Mighty No. 9 Concert

Make sure you check this one out! As the game hasn't been released yet, there's tons of new music here that's being heard for the first time!

A great round of concerts for Inti Creates first appearance; one can only hope this was the start of many more.

I also want to shout out to Matt Papa, International Affairs Coordinator/Producer at Inti Creates who worked so hard to bring them to MAGFest. He told us it was his goal to have them play there, and we're so happy for all his hard work. Thanks again!