Classic Games Given a Facelift by 3DNes Emulator

The Blue Bomber has made the shift to the third dimension in variety of ways, including the Mega Man Legends and Mega Man Star Force series, the remakes of Mega Man and Mega Man X in Mega Man Powered Up and Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X, and even as a proof of concept for Nintendo's 3D Classics with Mega Man 2 at an Electronic Entertainment Expo prior to the Nintendo 3DS's release. And that's not even including the fan games!

But speaking of fan projects brings us to today's story, in which Geod Studio released the following video on YouTube for a "3DNes Emulator" that takes titles from the Nintendo Entertainment System library and gives them a distinct voxel-styled 3D effect:

If you're only interested in the Mega Man portion of the video, skip to 3:24 or click here.

The effect seems to play better in some games than others, but the title of the video notes that the Firefox-based emulator (the author says an executable is on the way, according to PC Gamer) is still in beta, so we may see some improvement as the project continues forward (hopefully to the music, if nothing else). As it is, people are trying to figure out exactly how this emulator works, as it does more than simply stretching the pixel art into the background, as seen by some of the rotations of the Dr. Mario segment, for example.

Thanks to KCrossX for the tip!