Battle Geek Plus's Awesome Video Game Memories of Mega Man 6

Ryan of Battle Geek Plus is on a Mega roll as he continues his series of Awesome Video Game Memories with the sixth and final Nintendo Entertainment System installment of the Mega Man series. The question, of course, is whether this entry sinks like Power Mega Man or soars like Jet Mega Man before the shift to 16-bit.

From the difficulty of finding the game to Dr. Wily's lame disguise and the North American made Robot Masters to the Rush Adapters as well as the ending, there are a lot of good things to help the title stand out in one's memory. On the other hand, he posits that maybe Beat's downgrades and the quality of the Robot Masters are not quite so memorable.

He also notes that Nintendo took on the publishing duties when Capcom was ready to let it lie, and that brings to mind an interesting scenario: can you imagine if North America never got the Mega Man game it contributed two Robot Masters to (21st century re-releases notwithstanding)? Perhaps it was Nintendo Power's role in that is what spurred Nintendo on to make sure it was released here at all, if only to save face.

Does anyone else have fond memories of this one? And for that matter, did you get to play it when it first came out, or is it one you came back to later? And do you think that might have affected your opinion of the game? Share your thoughts and your own awesome memories of Mega Man 6 in the comments below!