Hanayashiki Celebrates 15 Years of Rockman.EXE in Japan

Can you believe it's almost been 15 years since Rockman.EXE first jacked in and changed the landscape of the Mega Man fandom?

The WWW will never expect NetNavis and NetBattlers alike riding pandas... it's going to be a digital bloodbath. Shield your eyes, children!

March 21st marks the day the original game launched in Japan, and leading up to that date from February 6th, Tokyo's theme park/flower garden known as Hanayashiki will be following up last year's Blue Bomber celebration with one geared towards the NetBattling crowd.

According to the tip from Midori, the story behind this year's theme is that Lan and his friends have taken a trip to Hanayashiki, but are taken by surprise when the WWW -- thought to have been destroyed long ago -- attack the park, stealing everyone's PErsonal Terminals in the process. And with no PETs, they have no NetNavis. What can our heroes do?!

Fortunately, Lan receives a special PET with the NetNavi known as Hanayashiki.EXE. Together, they'll have to work to recover the stolen PETs and hopefully foil whatever WWW is up to this time.

Attendees are able to get in on the action by searching out clues on the premises in order to get stamps. A full set allows the valiant collector to be awarded with a special file folder set.

From the official website, you'll also see that there are all sorts of other goods for sale, such as clothing, key chains, stickers, and badges (my personal favorites are the 8-bit styled Rockman.EXE 1UP head icon and the similarly retro-styled Dr. Wily). Rockman.EXE-themed foods will be available as well, but the specifics have yet to be announced.

If you should happen to be in a position to go, then a ticket to the event will cost 2,000 yen (approximately $16.48 USD), and it comes with a free rubber key chain, too.