Proto Man Cosplayers Sing the Blues Following Helmet Cancellation

Remember that cool Proto Man replica helmet that Capcom announced back in May? It was supposed to arrive in "Winter 2016," but nary a peep has been heard about it since orders were opened.

Until now, that is, and the news is unfortunately not good.

E-mails were sent out to those, such as our own resident Proto Fangirl Tabby, who had laid down their pre-order to sport the official look of Rock's cool older bro. Information is scant, noting little more than that there were "manufacturing complications" that led to the product's cancellation.

Those who ordered from Entertainment Earth have fared no better, according to Protodude's Rockman Corner.

One supposes it might be possible that the product received wasn't up to quality standards, or that the design might need to be further refined, with a second attempt to be made to sell it in the future. That's purely speculation, though, and for now we can only lament the loss of what would have been one more cool product for Blue Bomber (and Red Rocker) fans to add to their collections.