PHP Institute Has a Novel New Idea for Rockman X

It's taken the better part of the Blue Bomber's existence, but in recent years, we've finally been seeing some licensed goods that have been long overdue for Mega Man -- or in this case, Rockman. Granted, Japan has always had something of an abundance when compared to the west, but things have really been kicked up a notch or two with high-grade figures and models, a comic book, and more.

So what's next? How about a novelization of the series?

Simply titled Rockman X The Novel, this adaptation of the rise of Dr. Light's last creation to become the savior of humanity against its greatest challenger yet is coming to us from writer Tsubasa Todoroki with illustrations by none other than Rockman X manga artist Yoshihiro Iwamoto. Published by PHP Institute, the tentative release date for this project is the surprisingly close 26th of January, 2017.

As to how much of the series will be covered? That remains unknown at the moment, though more details are said to be forthcoming soon.

So that just leaves the question of whether you'll need to take a course in Japanese in order to read it. While that was undoubtedly the case in years gone by (and still remains the case for a lot of published Rockman works), the chances of a Mega Man X The Novel might be better than you think.

As it so happens, this is not the first such novelization of a Capcom property to be produced in recent. That honor goes to Street Fighter The Novel, which also happens to be published by PHP Institute, and is coming our way thanks to UDON Entertainment, as announced earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con. With UDON having already brought us several art books and manga to feature the Blue Bomber, a localized version of Rockman X The Novel does not seem like much of a stretch at all.

Naturally, I'll keep you abreast of further developments.

Source: Protodude's Rockman Corner